Railway tank car V=113,5m3

Railway Tank Car V=113,5m3

The railway tank car with the nominal water capacity of 108 m3 has been designed for transportation of such liquefied gases as e.g.: propane, butane and their mixtures. The tests performed at the Polish Railway Institute and the Certificate of Approval issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV) have proven conformity of the design with the current TSI, UIC and RID regulations. Thanks to these certificates our Zags tank cars can operate on the international railway tracks all over Europe.


The Railway Tank Car V=113,5m3 has been designed and optimized for transportation of hazardous gases which belong to the category 2 in accordance with RID regulations on the international TEN-RIV railway tracks.

Our railway tank car can be used for transportation of the following gasas:

  • butane,
  • isobutane,
  • but-1-ene,
  • isobutene,
  • butene,
  • 1,3-Butadiene,
  • propane,
  • propene,
  • hydrocarbon and butadienes mixtures
  • hydrocarbon mixtures in liquid phase (e.g.: LPG).

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