Railway tank car V=125m3

Railway tank car V=125 m3

The railway tank car with a nominal capacity of V=125 m3 has been designed for transportation of heavy liquefied hydrocarbon gases and their mixtures. The tests carried out at the Polish Institute of Railways and the admission to traffic from the Swiss office BAV (Bundesamt für Verkehr) confirmed that the construction complies with the current TSI, UIC and RID regulations, which allows the wagons we manufacture for unlimited mobility on international rail routes.


The wagon is intended for the transport of dangerous gases category 2 according to RID regulations on international TEN-RIV rail routes.

The wagon of our production may carry, inter alia, the following chemical products:

  • stabilized butadiene,
  • butadiene and hydrocarbons, a stabilized mixture,
  • butane,
  • butenes,
  • but-1-en
  • cis-but-2-en,
  • trans-but-2–en,
  • anhydrous dimethylamine,
  • ethylamine,
  • ethyl methyl ether,
  • isobutene,
  • anhydrous methylamine,
  • anhydrous trimethylamine,
  • stabilized vinyl chloride,
  • gas hydrocarbons, a liquefied mixture – mixture A,
  • isobutane,
  • stabilized methyl vinyl ether.


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