Process Equipment

Long-time experience, certificates and approvals and gradually modernized manufacture capabilities let us manufacture such equipment as various types of process pressure vessels, mixers, filter vessels and vacuum furnace housings.

Apart from the basic equipment CHEMET is able to manufacture many other parts of installations such as:

  • complete water degassing stations,
  • ducts and pipelines,
  • components of water and air treatment installation.

Due to a high level of manufacture specialization, quality requirements of final users as well as the renown and experience achieved through the decades, for many years our company has been operating in the realities of the global market exporting its products not only to European countries but also to Middle East, Asia and Africa.

CHEMET manufactures high-quality process equipment on the basis of its own documentation (developed by its design office on the basis of technological calculations) or provided documentation. Equipment adapted to the requirements of the final users are made of carbon steel (constructional, fine grain and boiler) and high-alloy steel (austenitic and ferritic-austenitic DUPLEX).

Process equipment

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Michał Piaskowski

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