LPG filling station modules

CHEMET JSC in collaboration with EMGAZ from Cieszyn (manufacturer of DRAGON LPG dispensers) offers its customers a complete modular and serially produced LPG filling stations – certified and CE marked.

Why is it worth choosing our LPG station module?

CHEMET – EMGAZ LPG station is a new approach to quality and safety in the Polish autogas industry. It is worth choosing our stations from a number of important reasons:

  • Two well-known, tested and reliable manufacturers of tanks and dispensers (basic components of LPG filling stations) have joined their forces to offer a safe and price competitive station.
  • CHEMET – EMGAZ stations are characterized by high standard of all components, robust workmanship and short assembly time.
  • Offered station modules are labelled with the CE-mark on the whole installation, which facilitates and speeds up the collection process immediately after assembly.
  • Due to the fact that the station module is manufactured by CHEMET, the entire installation undergoes test assembly process, which allows to perform all welding and metalworking operations on-site and eliminate possible installation defects. Test assembly significantly reduces the assembly time and commissioning of modules on-site.

In order to finalize the project, the investor is required to complete the necessary formalities:

  • The preparation of architectural and construction documentation for obtaining a building permit for the construction of the LPG station;
  • The execution of excavation and foundation under the LPG tank and dispenser, in accordance with the design and Land Development Conditions of CHEMET;
  • The execution of excavation under Brugg cables;
  • Unloading the tank on the construction site, the execution of foundation and pitting;
  • Laying the hoop iron earthing according to autogas station design or Land Development Conditions CHEMET, connecting electricity from the electrical switchgear and its connection from the power supply;
  • Laying of electric wires in the ground between the dispenser, the pump and electrical switchgear;
  • Investment notification and obtaining (required by the provisions of law) permits for the use of LPG stations.


The modular installation of LPG stations includes:

For the domestic market:

  • 2 aboveground tanks 4850 L,
  • DRAGON dispenser in various versions of the implementation,
  • SKC 4.08 pump with necessary piping and fittings,
  • delivery and final on-site assembly.

For foreign markets, SKID modules on a joint steel frame:

  • 1 aboveground tank 4850 L, 6400 L or 9200 L,
  • DRAGON dispenser in various versions of the implementation,
  • DISCO or Sterling pump with necessary piping and fittings.

Delivery options:

  • electrical switchboard built into the dispenser,
  • integrated payment terminal, used at self-service stations,
  • electronic probes.


The modular installation of LPG stations includes:

  • 1 underground tank from 4850 l to 20.000 l,
  • DRAGON dispenser in various versions of the implementation,
  • CORKEN pump with necessary piping, fittings and covers.

Delivery options:

  • installation of housing and complete electronic probes to measure the level of gas in the tank,
  • installation of Brugg pipes (Flexwell) between the module and the dispenser,
  • installation of cathodic protection,
  • installation of GAZEX gas detection system,
  • organization of a notified body’s operating approval.
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