32nd World LPG Forum Amsterdam 2019

CHEMET SA is honored to invite you to the World’s biggest LPG conference and exhibition! 32nd WORLD LPG FORUM and CONGRESS 2019 is to be held in Amsterdam on Sep. 24-, 2019.
During the exhibition we will present the entire product offer of LPG tanks and autogas stations as well as our products for cryogenic atmospheric gases and LNG.
CHEMET’s booth location- RAI AMSTERDAM – Entrance E, Gate 10, booth No. 31.
See you in Amsterdam!

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A Congenation of The Polish LNG Platform In Gdynia

On Thursday, 27.06.2019, CHEMET S.A. took part in the First Assembly of the Polish LNG Platform. The event covered trade union topics as well as the current situation on the LNG market and its prospects for the coming years. The Polish LNG Platform was established to promote LNG as a new and cleaner fuel for [...]
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Change of the Company’s name

Ladies and gentlemen,   We would like to inform you that on 11/06/2019 The District Court in Gliwice, Poland, entered into the register of entrepreneurs the change of our Company name. From the date of the change registration we operate under the name CHEMET Spółka Akcyjna or CHEMET S.A. in a shorter version. Due to [...]
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Chemet SA jest wspierany dotacjami z Unii Europejskiej.