CHEMET offers a steady supply of mass-produced underground tanks for propane and propane-butane gases in four basic capacities: 2700 l, 4850 l, 6400 l and 9200 l.

The tanks are manufactured according to the Pressure European Directive (PED) and have the CE-mark for the IV climatic zone and are adapted to the following operational parameters - temperature -20/+40°C and maximum pressure of 15.6 bar. In order to meet the requirements from the overseas standards CHEMET introduced in 2010 and 2011 a new line of LPG tanks on 1000 mm and 1250 mm diameters which operate in the full temperature from -40°C up to +50°C with maximum working pressure of 20 bar.


As in the case of aboveground tanks, underground tanks are used mostly in heating installations of single- and multifamily houses, hotel and leisure facilities, office and industrial buildings. They are also used in installations where gas is used for technological purposes, as well as in liquid gas storages and small LPG bottling plants. Also in this case important purposes of tanks are so-called autogas stations.

An undoubted advantage of underground tanks is their localization, which significantly raises the level of safety in operation while not affecting the structure of the plot (the tank is not visible). Due to the unquestionable safety and aesthetic aspects, the process of replacing aboveground tanks by underground tanks is observed.


The design of tanks is in accordance with Directive PED/97/23/EC and harmonized standards. The tanks are made of carbon steel plates, coated with high quality modern, eco-friendly, anticorrosion and polyurethane coating. These coatings meet the requirements of high tightness and are tested to stand electric breakdown of min. 14 kV. They are also covered with the quality and durability warranty. The tank is equipped with a plastic dome, which allows access to the fittings and serves as fittings protection.


Standard underground LPG tanks are equipped with the following fittings:

  • REGO filling valve - 1 ¾ ACME connection to the road tanker,
  • intake valve of the gas phase with pressure gauge and overflow pipe - connection for the I grade regulator, POL internal thread,
  • service valve/emergency emptying of REGO tank - ¾" NPT connection to the road tanker,
  • Rochester level sensor,
  • relief valve(s) with REGO or GOK shut-off valve.

The following additional options are also available:

  • intake valve of the liquid phase,
  • return valve of the liquid phase,
  • connection and electronic probe for measuring the fill level and temperature,
  • additional connections for technological purposes,
  • other connections to be agreed and according to customer's needs.

The fittings have the CE-mark. The fittings are protected on the tank with a plastic cap.

We offer you a purchase of additional items along with underground LPG tanks:

  • I and II grade regulators of standard parameters for use in heating installations of residential buildings (yield 12 kg/h; output pressure);
  • Sets for cathodic protection installation;
  • Precast foundation slabs.