The majority of CHEMET products, due to safety of use and related acceptance regulations and requirements, is a subject of strict internal and external quality inspection and supervision at the stage of designing, manufacturing and operation.

Therefore, during the manufacturing process CHEMET performs a wide scope of inspection tests with the appropriate testing equipment. The company has its own laboratory, where the following destructive and non-destructive tests are performed:

Destructive testing:

  • static tensile test,
  • technological bend test,
  • impact tests,
  • Rockwell, Vickers and Bucholtz hardness tests (top coats),
  • macro- and microscopic examination.

Non-destructive testing:

  • radiography of welds,
  • ultrasonic testing of materials and welds,
  • magnetic particle inspection,
  • colour penetrant inspection,
  • paint coating thickness tests,
  • paint coating test against electrostatic breakdown.

The quality level of manufactured equipment is tested by the authorized internal audit department and notified institutions and authorities (e.g. UDT, TDT, TÜV, LR and APRAGAZ).