Nearly 70 years of history means three generations of employees, who have contributed throughout all the years to the current market and technological position of CHEMET.

Intergenerational exchange of views and experiences, contributes to the continuous improvement of professional qualifications of our employees and identification with the company, its objectives and specialization.

Today CHEMET employs over 200 employees, among them 150 people involved directly and indirectly in production processes.


The core of our team constitutes a nearly 40-person group of experienced engineers and technicians, responsible for design and production processes as well as quality control.

The strong brand and market position of the Company have also been the result of dynamic activities of the Sales and Marketing Department, where we also employ highly qualified specialists in the field of pressure equipment, who have a long experience in co-operation with home and foreign partners and in-depth knowledge of specific industries served.


Our design and construction office operates within the Technical Department. This Department specializes primarily in designing pressure vessels and unit process equipment, in particular, in preparation of workshop documentation for production departments.

The office also consists of the technology and welding sections. It is responsible primarily for the preparation and implementation of new production and welding technologies, so that CHEMET can increase its competitive advantage on the market and expand its market offer in the range of process equipment.