CHEMET in collaboration with EMGAZ Sp. z o.o. from Cieszyn (manufacturer of DRAGON LPG dispensers) offers its customers a complete modular and serially produced LPG filling stations - certified and CE marked.

Why is it worth choosing our LPG station module?

CHEMET - EMGAZ LPG station is a new approach to quality and safety in the Polish autogas industry. It is worth choosing our stations from a number of important reasons:

  • Two well-known, tested and reliable manufacturers of tanks and dispensers (basic components of LPG filling stations) have joined their forces to offer a safe and price competitive station.
  • CHEMET - EMGAZ stations are characterized by high standard of all components, robust workmanship and short assembly time.
  • Offered station modules are labelled with the CE-mark on the whole installation, which facilitates and speeds up the collection process immediately after assembly.
  • Due to the fact that the station module is manufactured by CHEMET, the entire installation undergoes test assembly process, which allows to perform all welding and metalworking operations on-site and eliminate possible installation defects. Test assembly significantly reduces the assembly time and commissioning of modules on-site.

In order to finalize the project, the investor is required to complete the necessary formalities:

  • The preparation of architectural and construction documentation for obtaining a building permit for the construction of the LPG station;
  • The execution of excavation and foundation under the LPG tank and dispenser, in accordance with the design and Land Development Conditions of CHEMET SA;
  • The execution of excavation under Brugg cables;
  • Unloading the tank on the construction site, the execution of foundation and pitting;
  • Laying the hoop iron earthing according to autogas station design or Land Development Conditions CHEMET SA, connecting electricity from the electrical switchgear and its connection from the power supply;
  • Laying of electric wires in the ground between the dispenser, the pump and electrical switchgear;
  • Investment notification and obtaining (required by the provisions of law) permits for the use of LPG stations.

Download technical data for LPG station modules

Modular LPG filling stations with above and underground tanks

Technical data for LPG station modules with aboveground tanks

Technical data for LPG station modules with underground tanks (diameter 1250 mm)

Technical data for LPG station modules with underground tanks (diameter 1600 mm)

Technical data for LPG station modules with underground tanks (diameter 2000 mm)

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