EXPERIENCE AND QUALITY – for more than 70 years these two key factors have enabled us to build a solid base for CHEMET’s stable growth in the pressure equipment industry.

It is our long year experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling of pressure vessels and equipment and the strict compliance with rigorous quality procedures, which both have contributed to the international recognition of our company’s products. Today, combining tradition with latest technologies, we develop innovativeness in CHEMET and we adjust flexibly to our customers’ requirements and needs in the following products groups – railcar tanks, products and services for the LPG market, transportable pressure vessels for liquid gases and pressure process equipment.

On the regional level (Middle-East Europe) CHEMET has conquered unquestionable position of the highest quality pressure vessels manufacturer for the LPG market - the LPG vessels are mainly manufactured for the house central heating installations and dynamically growing European network of LPG filling stations.

Inviting your company to future co-operation, we hope that our experience combined with the final quality of our products and services will contribute to a successful execution of your investment projects and installation renovations. From our past activities we conclude that close co-operation with our customers has always been a positive stimulus for further development.

The team of CHEMET SA