Due to the production profile (pressure equipment) CHEMET has always focused on providing high quality of products and services by observing certain standards, procedures and requirements set out in national and international approvals.

The results of several decades of hard work on quality standards implementation are shown in numerous approvals granted by foreign and domestic notified institutions:

Certificates - Quality Assurance

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Certificates - Production process

  B2_TUV_spawanie_ISO_3834_2_en_2019-1  B3_TUV_HP0_ang_2019-1  B1_TUV_wymagania_jakościowe_97_23_WE_EN_2019 2-4  2-5  selo_2019

Certificates - LPG tanks

  B4_TUV_upoważnienie_do_oznakowania_CE_97_23_EG_mod_A1_niem-1  B6_TUV_mod_D1_CE_dla_rurociagow_LPG_ang_2019-1  B6_TUV_mod_D1_CE_dla_rurociagow_LPG_ang_2019-1   3-5  3-6    

Certificates - Transportable vessels for liquefied gases

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Certificates - Railway tank cars

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